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Quanzhou Fengye Group is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, high-tech industrial park, from Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport, Houzhu seaport only 15 kilometers, the provincial highway 308 line and the county line 301 in close proximity, Fuxia, Quan three highway direct access to the factory, Traffic is very convenient. Quanzhou Fengye Group started from industry and trade, with engineering, mining development, the development of the Group for decades, footprints in more than half of China, business involving mining and smelting, hydropower construction, auto parts and solar electronics industries. Group in the country to establish business networks, set up subsidiaries in foreign countries, not only marketing products, but also exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia, West Asia and other regions.
Quanzhou Fengye Investment Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Fengye Iron & Alloy Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Fengye Ferroalloy Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Fengye Ferroalloy Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Fengye Ferroalloy Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Fengye Iron & Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., abundance (Philippines) Co., Ltd., by the industry and trade, mining, investment three sections together.
       Quanzhou Fengye Group has passed a number of international quality system certification, was awarded "Quanzhou City, the contract and keeping promises units"; by the Fujian Provincial Technical Supervision granted "metrological acceptance of qualified enterprises" honorary title, "quality and stability of qualified units", 2005 Won the "integrity of the Association - member units"; was named "2006 Quanzhou Construction Industry Association integrity enterprises", "advanced grassroots party organizations", "rest assured project demonstration units" in 2007 to become "five good" non-public party Organization, more "civilized enterprises", "integrity enterprises", "advanced collective", "enthusiastic old age" and many other awards. Quanzhou Feng industry group core slogan: "Feng Yi aggressive, sincere entrepreneurship."
       Feng Yi aggressive - dare to the world first, to expand the cause of the new pattern!
       Sincerely start - business started in sincerity, career development only to perfection!