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Quanzhou Feng industry group in 2011 and the second session of the second session of the Workers' Congress

Quanzhou Feng industry group in 2011 and the second session of the second session of the Workers' Congress

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2017/08/08 16:59
Unified thinking to promote reform, work together for development
Quanzhou Fengye Group 's Work Conference in 2011 and the Second Session of the Second Session
In the occasion of the new year, January 20, 2011, our group ushered in the 2011 work will be held and the second session of the second session of the staff.
The convening of the meeting is of great strategic significance. On the one hand, it affirmed the achievements of the Group's work in 2010, pointed out the existing problems; on the other hand, the current situation of the Group's current work on the Group's current Situation analysis based on the proposed goals and measures in 2011, greatly encouraged the morale. The report stressed that in 2011, my group's main line of development is "unified thinking, deepening reform." We must unswervingly adhere to the development of the main line, work together to ensure that the Group comprehensive, rapid and stable development.
At the meeting, the financial analysis report of the Group Finance Department and the production and operation report of the Production and Operation Department analyzed the two important tasks of the Group's financial work and production and operation in 2010, so that the participants were more aware of the current situation And future tasks.
Engineering company, Nuozhadu project department, Luanchuan project department on the work of the 2010 report to the General Assembly; units on the work of the 2011 to the General Assembly made a determination, said that with confidence to carry out the next work.
In the afternoon, delegations commented on the report of the general manager's work report and made corresponding comments.
On the morning of January 21, the trade union committee held a general election, elected a new member of the trade union committee, members of the financial review committee, female workers, etc., to a complete success.
In the afternoon, Chairman Yang and the units, the project department heads were signed economic responsibility book and safety responsibility book, clear the 2011 production and operation tasks and security tasks.
Subsequently, the General Assembly and the Group of advanced collective and advanced individuals, the Group of advanced individuals in recognition, called on the cadres and staff of advanced, advanced, advanced and advanced.
At the end of the meeting, Chairman Yang delivered a speech to confirm the outcome of the meeting and reiterated the Group's main line of development in 2011, requiring the broad masses of cadres and staff to unify their thinking and reform, and work together for development.
The two days of work will be in the "we have the power of workers," the song in the perfect ending, the General Assembly a complete success.