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Quanzhou Feng industry group 2017 work will be documentary

Quanzhou Feng industry group 2017 work will be documentary

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2017/07/25 09:22
January13,2017at8:00am,inthemajesticnationalanthem,QuanzhouFengindustrygroupwillbeheldin2017victory!  ChairmanoftheGroupYangFengsheng,executivevicepresidentofXueLisheng,deputygeneralmanagerYangShanshu

January 13, 2017 at 8:00 am, in the majestic national anthem, Quanzhou Feng industry group will be held in 2017 victory!

    Chairman of the Group Yang Fengsheng, executive vice president of Xue Lisheng, deputy general manager Yang Shanshui, Li Yongsheng, Chief Financial Officer Huang Qiuli and other units on behalf of 35 people attended the work meeting.
    The theme of this year's meeting is: "Do not forget the mind to keep the target"
    8:15 am in the majestic national anthem in the curtain. At the end of the report, the units under the Group and the heads of the project departments reported the production and operation of the unit and the new project targets in 2016. Chief Financial Officer Huang Qiulie Group to do the annual financial work report; engineering company executive vice president Li Yongsheng 2016 annual engineering company to do the production situation and the New Year's plan target report; Group executive vice president Xue Li Sheng Yang chairman commissioned, do " Keep in mind the objectives of the 2016 annual summary and the 2017 work plan. Systematically summed up the 2016 production and operating results and problems, to develop the Group's business objectives in 2017, pointed out that the focus of the future of the five years is "focus on five years of development focus on the main business growth", do not forget the original heart, Keep in mind the goal!
    In the afternoon, Mr. Yang, chairman of the conference group, signed a 2017 safety production responsibility book with the senior executives of the group, and implemented the responsibility system for safety management. Xue Lisheng executive vice president, vice president Li Yongsheng, respectively, with the units, the project department responsible person signed the 2017 safety production responsibility book. Yang, chairman of the school bus company signed a 2017 economic responsibility book, engineering company executive vice president Li Yongsheng and Luanchuan project department head Wu days from the signing of the 2017 internal contract responsibility book, Xue Li Sheng executive vice president and the unit responsible for People signed a 2017 internal contract responsibility letter to ensure that the 2019 production and business objectives of the successful completion.
    At the meeting Xue Lipheng executive vice president read out the "appointment book" to adjust and enrich the group of high-level leadership.
   The General Assembly in recognition of the 2016 outstanding team and individual: excellent team: Luanchuan project department; quality model: Wang Xiaomei (filter company); security model: Huang Xiangyang (Luanchuan project department), Hong Yanfa (Fengzhou project (Group headquarters), Wang Xinchao (Luanchuan project department), Huang Wenxing (filter company), Liu Shifang (electronics company), outstanding staff: Liu Hongping (Group headquarters), Wang Xinchao (Luanchuan project department), Huang Wenxing (filter company), Liu Shifang (electronics company). To honor the banner of the certificate and rich material reward! Group called on all staff to learn advanced, hard work to become advanced, to ensure that the cause of the Group continued to develop.
    At the end of the meeting, Chairman Yang Fengsheng made a speech in 2017, emphasizing: 1, "focus on five years of development, focus on the main business growth" business ideas need to keep in mind, do not forget the beginning, continue to move forward; 2, enterprise safety management 3, to give full play to and attention to party members and business management cadres of the vanguard role model, refused to corrosion, never sticky.
    Five thirty-five, the agenda was successfully completed, the meeting in the warmth of the delegates in the closing, a complete success!